1920s A&B box

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This item is as rare as hens teeth and I have never had one for sale. This is listed here for a collector friend and has nothing to do with Antique Telephones. If interested call Mark on 01322 436328 and be aware you will be dealing with the seller and not me. Offers may be considered but please remember this is a very rare item and only the very top collectors may have found one.

1920's A&B coinbox with side hook-switch

This is a rare opportunity to acquire an original 1920's A&B coinbox as used in early telephone kiosks and silence cabinets. It has the orginal-type side hook-switch and bell receiver mounted on the side of the case, and a mechanism which accepts 1d, 6d and 1/- coins. Markings on the side of the case are: HA28, 230, No.6.