Ivory GPO 1/232 on a genuine GPO No26 bell set

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Ivory GPO 1/232 on a genuine GPO No26 bell set

This one has a genuine bell set which are very hard to find these days.


  • Description

This is a wonderful ivory GPO 1/232 on bell set. It has been totally stripped down cleaned and polished before being reassembled and fully tested. The colour match on all the parts other than the drawer base under the bell set that is a little lighter is as near perfect as you will ever find. It has been fitted with a best quality hand plaited braided cord, a GPO specification round plastic line in and an electronic microphone. The bell set is a genuine GPO No26 including the case which are now like hens teeth and rarely come up for sale. I made the bell set plaited connection to the telephone using original ivory braided cable. The handset is dated 1957. Please also note the dial is a genuine GPO No 12 with a perfect alpha numeric dial face. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge. Simply ready to plug in and go.

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