French Ivory telephones

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Pure French elegance


This is a very elegant ivory Bakelite telephone. It is in wonderful condition and has been fully stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished. It has an electronic microphone fitted into the handset and an internal bell has been fitted inside to make it work perfectly. I have also fitted a best quality hand plaited all British made handset cord. The mother in law earpiece is fitted with a good quality grey plastic lead. This is a rare colour and the vast majority were manufactured in black. It has an extra earpiece which was commonly known as a mother in law earpiece but is in fact a very useful addition when in a noisy environment such as small children playing when you are making an important call. I love this model of telephone and am a big fan. It has been fitted with a GPO No 21 dial to eliminate some problems I had with the French dials and now will work perfectly. This also means I can fit a GPO dial label as shown. I am sure you will agree this telephone is very beautiful as you would expect from a French item. I would think it dates from the 1940s-60s. I will be hunting these down now because they really are pure French elegance.


I will fit a dial label with your information at no extra cost.

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