Ivory 332L with drawer

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Repaired and so very affordable.


This is a GPO 300 series model. The case was made to allow up to three buttons but this one is a 332L configuration with the buttons blanked. This really ads a nice contrast and makes it a very decorative item. It has been stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished. It is fully working to both dial out and receive perfectly and has been fully tested on a special piece of equipment to allow it to be run on any network with pulse dialling enabled. The colour is wonderful and all parts match very well. It has a wonderful rare enamel alpha numeric dial face in perfect condition and is on a genuine GPO No 10 dial. It is fitted with an electronic microphone and the very best all British manufactured hand plaited braided handset cord. It is fitted with a modern line in cord to allow it to plug into your telephone socket and use right away.

This one has some damage under the dial as can be seen in the last picture and a hair line in the earpiece. All damage has been sealed and in fact much more time is spent by me on restoring one with any repairs. This will not now be for a collector but ideal for someone that wants to have an original GPO Ivory telephone from the 1950s at a fraction of the cost as if perfect. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra cost.

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