Red GPO 200 series on bell set.

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This one looks fantastic but has a number of issues that need to be assessed carefully.


I haven't had one of these for a number of years now. I would imagine if perfect we would be looking at around £3000. This one is the real thing but has some repairs which I will need to go through. Lets start at the handset which is marked is dated 1934 the first year red was available. This is made from a thermo setting compound very similar to Bakelite as is the body. The handset mouthpiece and ear cap are quite good. It has some stress cracks around the cable entry and two more above the mouthpiece but looks great. It has bee lightly over sprayed with perfect colour matched paint. The body has been repaired on the rear left corner and again painted very well and almost invisible. It also has a crack under the dial. The bell set has also had quite a large repair at the line entry to the corner and the line entry is painted. The base has a repair to the rear and again painted to near perfection. The cradle is a later genuine red 1950s model that has faded and been over sprayed. I took this as a part exchange to the value of £1000 and so am wanting to make a small profit for my time and effort in getting fully working and a light polish. This is a wonderful looking telephone and would need a very close inspection to see any of the issues listed. I would prefer the buyer to come and see it and I will take it apart to go into the repairs in much more detail. To sum up it looks fantastic and the best colour match paint I have ever seen. A real professional restoration job has been done and of course is fully working to plug in and go. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge.

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