GPO Candlestick No 150 C1925

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Enamel no 10 dial with all original metalwork finish.

Sold Simon

This is a genuine GPO candlestick telephone made in 1925. The paintwork is superb with no damage and the metal work is the original gun metal finish with some signs of age but still very good. I have stripped it down and cleaned and polished each part before being reassembled. The earpiece has a small deep scratch in the original coating as ringed in the picture. The deep black colour of the coating is rare to get back to the original like this one and it has a genuine screw on ear piece with the cut out to allow you to hear the howler sound sent from the exchange if left off the switch hooks and sat on a flat table. The dial is an enamel faced GPO No10 with some slight hair lines in the enamel but still in wonderful condition as can be seen in the last picture. The bell set was originally made in 1925 as a rare No5 and then upgraded in 1955 in a GPO factory. We have restored it to No1 using the correct speech coil. The bells have been polished back to the copper coating. The bell set has been stripped and varnished to show off the mahogany and wired up correctly to the Candlestick telephone to allow it to be used on the modern system to both dial out and receive perfectly. It is fitted with an electronic microphone to bring the speech quality up to modern standards and the bell set has a GPO specification round plastic line in cord with a UK telephone plug socket fitting. This will simply plug into your socket and go. I can make a dial label with your details at no extra charge. These telephones and bell sets take an age to do properly and so I only usually get around three done in a year.

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