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Early field trial model 712 Trimphone

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Dated 1966 and very different from the one put into production.


I am having a bit of a clear out of things that have been on my shelf of things to do. This one has been here for around ten years and I still haven’t got around to restoring it. These were sent out pre production to people that worked for STC to find any bugs and get feedback before production. Note the internals are very similar to a 706 etc. The base screws on with three screws and the handset has a screw on the top of the hand set.  A very interesting piece of history and one for a collector. This is as found and with no dial and as you can see it is dirty but undamaged body but has the common hair line cracks on the handset at the angled section but no fading. It is not tested and the handset cord and line in are pretty shot. Otherwise it looks pretty good but it is untested and sold as a collector’s item only and so no guarantee etc. They rarely turn up now and haven’t seen one in a long while.