Pink Ericofon

    Delivery time:5-7 Days
  • Description

I only have one in pink.

This is the iconic Ericsson Ericofon. This was first introduced in the early 1950s and was and still is fashion icon. This colour is quite unusual and very beautiful. It is a great design as the dial is hidden on the base when not in use.

This one is not perfect and has some cracks around the screw holes around the dial. This was due to someone tightening the screws up too hard. It also has a crack in the plastic to the top as pictured and a few minor marks on the ear piece part. As you can see it is quite wonderful and original not a reproduction. This model had no internal bell and so I have added a small plug in bell to allow it to ring. It is fully working to dial out and receive and ready to plug in and go. I have a small quantity on other colours and am unlikely to get any more in.

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