Red Siemens on a bell set.

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One of only a hand full of these I have seen.


If rarity was a guide for price this would be more than twice the price. This is wonderful Siemens thin bell set model. They are rare to find in black but in red they are like hens teeth. This one is part of a collection I am selling for a friend. It is a lovely cherry red and has been converted to modern use. It has 1970s bell coils fitted and so is now one ren. The colour is very good although the body is a little less vibrant the bell set etc.  The bell set has been repaired on two corners as photographed and a couple of small chips to the base of the bell set rear. I would recommend it be repaired using a coloured resin or colour matched painted. There is no paint at all on the telephone. I simply wired it up and plugged it in and it works perfectly. If you would like to see it before committing to a sale then please call me to make a arrangements. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra cost. I have a number of his telephones to sell for him and so if you want to contact him direct I will provide his telephone number once you have left me your full details.