Siemens 312 model

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It screams its design period and is one of my favourite telephones.


This is a fabulous example of a Siemens 312 model. The style is striking and if you are looking for a statement telephone for a 1930 style home then this the one for you. Designed and first manufactured by Siemens Brothers of Woolwich in 1932 this one screams the period and it will never go un-noticed. It has a beautiful loud ring using two good solid internal bells that give a wonderful full bodied ring tone. This one is in wonderful condition with no side cracks which were a problem on the vast majority of this model. It is all original other than an electronic microphone, a perfect original unused long handset cord, new perfect replacement 200 series feet and a GPO specification round plastic line with a UK telephone socket. It retains an original No10 dial with its original numerical enamel dial face. I have fitted a 1950s receiver insert to bring the sound quality up to modern standards. The right front corner has had a small repair which you will never see. This was done by a professional and no paint has been used and can be polished or cleaned etc with no chance of any damage. This is a wonderful telephone with no internal changes needed. I love this model and it is one of my specialties and I search them out to try to make sure I always have one in stock. They have always been hard to find but are now getting very scares in good enough condition to restore to near perfection. I will make a dial label with your information at no extra cost.

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