Siemens Neophone (very rare)

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Siemens Neophone (very rare)

A nice collectors piece that rarely comes up for sale.


  • Description

This is a Siemens Brothers Neophone. It is very early and has a cast iron base dated 1929 a metal internals dated 1930, a body with a metal insert moulded in to locate the dial. It has a lovely early No10 dial with small dial label holder and solid copper finger dial.  It is in great as found condition with no damage. I have left it in as found condition because a collector will want it like this to make any changes themselves. These do turn up from time to time but are a very rare item. This is sold as a not working display piece although there is no reason why it should not work. It would need a No1 wooden bell set to allow the transmitter and receiver to work properly. The dial has not been taken apart and returns perfectly. It has its original dial label and the enamel face is great.  See the detailed pictures below of this telephone.

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