GPO 150 candlestick 1920s

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Guaranteed to be genuine and not one of the thousands of reproductions you will see around.


Over the year I have been asked when I would have another candlestick and bell set No1 for sale. This is the first one since around this time last year and it is a real beauty. It is as good as they come with original earpiece cord and line in and the metal work is still perfect. This is a GPO No 150 dated 1924 and marked E24/234 150 /No2 crossed through. This means in the early 1930s the GPO added dials to this model and so re-stamped them No150. This one retains a lovely genuine GPO No10 enamel alpha numeric dial face. The bell box was manufactured in 1930 and was then later upgraded to a No41 but has been reversed back to a No1 again to allow the telephone to work properly with the correct speech coils as it was manufactured. The woodwork has been stripped and varnished to bring out the grain and so it makes it an attractive item.  I have fitted an electronic microphone to bring the speech quality up to modern standards and although the receiver is still the original 1920 technology it works very well with only a slight change in voice tone. I don’t get time to restore many of these as they are very time consuming and so if you have been waiting for one then please buy it quickly because I don’t know when the next one may be available. Many people sell these without the correct bell box and so the speech quality is terrible because it is the bell box that allows this to work correctly on the modern system. Since these photographs were taken I have threaded the braided telephone cord out of the bottom of the bell set rather than underneath.