Red 1/232 with drawer. (Reproduction C1980s)

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If you want the look with out the price.


This is the best condition repro I have ever had. They usually have cracked handsets and mouthpieces. This one is perfect but obviously it is a reproduction and not made the same standard as the GPO. Many collectors’ have these and think they own the real thing. They are hard to find now as production was only for a short time in the 1980s.  It has a GPO No21a dial with a stainless steel finger dial. I have fitted it with a best quality hand plaited braided handset cord, a GPO specification round plastic line in cord with a UK plug socket and an electronic microphone. An original telephone was used for internals and metal drawer parts etc. It is fully working to both dial out and receive and has a small internal bell fitted. 

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