French Ivory wall telephone C1950s

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If you want an Ivory Bakelite wall telephone then this is the one for you. Ivory wall telephones are very hard to find.

It has some damage listed.


This is a beautiful Ivory French wall telephone. It is a rare item and in fact one of the only Ivory Bakelite wall telephones you will see. This telephone has been cleaned and polished and the internals have been changed with a desk telephone from the same period to allow it to work on the UK system. The buttons on the front are all now decorative only. This telephone has a repair to the side as shown but otherwise perfect. A small internal bell has been fitted as this model was intended to be used with a separate bell set. The bell is not very loud but sounds great. It has been fitted with a new curly handset cord line in, an electronic microphone and a BT receiver to bring the speech up to near perfect quality. Ready to plug in and go. No dial label available.

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