Strowger telephone used on the hull telephone system

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This is a very rare telephone in black but in mottled brown is wonderful.


I have never had one of these for sale before. It is being sold as a not working collectors telephone as some of the wiring inside is not connected although it appears to be all there. This telephone has no damage at all only minor scratches to the handset. The mottling is very nice and looks great. I am not a great expert on this model as I have rarely come across them even in black but I note the handset is marked GECoPHONE and all the black models I have had have been marked ATM. The mottling on the cradle and the handset is a near perfect match. My photographs don’t do it justice but it is a very difficult thing to get write as regards lighting etc.

This is a wonderful little telephone and will take pride of place in a top collector’s cabinet.