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Very rare Siemens wall telephone dated 1932

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Very rare Siemens wall telephone dated 1932

The earliest of this model I have found.


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This is a stunning little telephone. It is one of my favourite wall models made by Siemens Brothers of Woolwich. This is the earliest one I have come across as is dated 1932 internally. It has its original No10 dial with a solid copper finger dial and the small label holder. It has been stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished. It is totally original internally and has simply had an electronic microphone and a 1950s receiver capsule fitted to bring the speech quality up to modern standards. It has a perfect Siemens original handset cord and a GPO specification round plastic line in with a UK telephone plug socket.  This telephone has been set up using a line simulator to make sure the dial will pulse out correctly for speed and make and break. It has then been tested on my BT line to make sure it is performing perfectly. This is a true collector’s telephone and a wonderful usable item. This really is a very rare telephone and as I say the earliest I have ever had.

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