Rare six button 700 series office telephone.

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Very unusual telephone.



This is a very rare telephone to find. I bought it about five years ago and never got round to restoring it until now. Note the six buttons to the top. Because it is in such good condition I have simply cleaned it with a polishing rag and converted it to use as a normal telephone. I have not removed any original wiring and have kept the large junction box in place with its wiring untouched. This is in case a collector wants to have it totally original. It is fully tested to dial out and receive perfectly and ready to simply plug into a standard UK socket and go. The bell on bell off button is fully working but the other buttons are not wired to work. I tested the lights will work if you have the knowledge to wire them up. I have fitted an electronic microphone for perfect modern use. This is the earlier of the 700 series and has a carry strip between the cradle rest. Note the bell on bell off button has an unusual slide top to allow it to be locked in the down position when required.


Postage and packing to any UK address is £10.