Very rare Ivory Bakelite telephone

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Take a look at this telephone. It is a fantastic design and I have never had another.


This is a beautiful telephone I have had for many years. I have never seen another and believe it may be Belgian. It is made from a Bakelite material and is just a wonderful design. I have used more modern electronics from the 1970s internally and fitted a GPO No 21 dial with a chromed finger wheel. It has a small bell fitted inside and so is not as loud as a usual double bell telephone but it has a very pleasant ring tone. The Bakelite parts are all original and in mint condition. I have fitted an electronic microphone and a 1970s receiver capsule for perfect modern use. I have wired up the red button to the front to operate as a microphone mute. The ivory cord is a Braided four way and looks great on this telephone. This is a one off and so please do not hesitate if you like it because it is very unlikely I will ever get another. I can fit a dial label with your information at no extra cost.

Postage and packing to any UK address is £20.

Unusual Art Deco design

Unusual Art Deco design

Unusual Art Deco design

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