Ivory GEC Muraphone C1930s

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A very rare item to find in any condition but this is wonderful.


This is a very rare GEC Muraphone and is made from a beautiful white thermosetting Bakelite material. It is as near perfect as you will ever see and have no damage colour staining cracks or chips. It has an internal buzzer and a CB plate rather than a dial. This model was used on board ships and may well have come from the Queen Mary as these GEC models in ivory were the models used. This is a genuine telephone and real collector’s item. The ivory handset cord is a hand plaited reproduction but I do have the original which is the rubberised plaited type and I have never seen one that has not perished until now. I can supply this with the telephone and the reason I have removed it is it has some staining and may spoil the perfection of this telephone. The dial label is a reproduction. The telephone is fully working to receive with an electronic microphone and its original internal buzzer.         

If you would like a dial and bells fitted internally then I would modify it for an extra £50.

Postage and packing is £20 to any UK address.

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