ITI 300 series model

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Very good value with extra earpiece for much improved sound quality in noisy environments


This telephone has been cleaned, polished and fully tested. It has a small round braided type handset cord and has been fitted with an electronic microphone and a very reliable GPO 21A dial. It has a wonderful extra earpiece mounted to the rear and everyone that has one of these fitted finds it very useful in noisy conditions as it improves the sound quality using both ears and cutting out most of the background noise. I can fit a dial label with your information at no extra cost. Please read indo below to learn more about this model.

With the introduction of plastics, the GPO was able to make telephones in this “New” material (the 700 series introduced in the late 1950s). The use of old technology was then made available to third world countries such as India. The classic 300 type was then remanufactured using the original moulds and materials. The design was slightly altered to reduce costs. The main change was the abolishment of the drawer which reduced the number of parts made. The components were mounted on the base plate (rather than the separate chassis) rather like the GPO were assembling the 700 series. This made the finished item cheaper to produce and as with the GPO 332 they work better if the original mouthpiece insert is changed for the 700 series type. Generally cheaper to buy than their GPO cousins – one does not have to be quite so concerned about using this telephone. They are not reproductions, copies, fakes or forgeries. Just a continuation of manufacture ceased some years ago.

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