GPO Candlestick No150 and wall Bell box

    Delivery time:5-7 Days
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This will be available by Sat 7th 2015 Contact me to reserve with no obligation to buy. Will be restored to the same standards and fully working. Original plating similar to the sold one on this page.


This telephone is a wonderful example of a GPO No150 with a wooden desk bell set. As you can see it looks fabulous and has been totally stripped down and and rebuilt after each part has been restored to the best it can be. The brass parts holding the mouth piece to the body and the earpiece switch hook were in good enough condition to be hand restored and without the need for expensive re plating. As you can see they are not mint but in wonderful hand restored condition. The black body and base has been refinished to perfection and the rubber on the base to protect your furniture has been replaced. It is fitted with the very best available hand plaited brown braided cords to the bell set and ear piece. Candlestick telephones are operated from electronics in the bell set. This one has had a GPO induction coil fitted and wired up correctly to allow the telephone to work properly. The bell box is a beautiful well made GPO No1a  dating from 1930. I have fitted an electronic microphone to bring the speech quality up top modern standards. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge.