Red GPO 162 on bell set No25 1934

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In 20 years of dealing and collecting I have never had one. Sold as non working collectors telephone.

This is now being resin repaired. I have one person for first refusal on the telephone without the bellset. Please contact me if you want the bell set at £785.

Black models were manufactured from 1929 then Green Ivory were introduced in 1931 and then red from 1934. This would only have left a few of years until the model and material was changed to the 232. This one is made from Urea Formaldehyde and is a very unforgiving material being very brittle. These early telephones are nearly always very damaged and faded. The handsets will often crack over the years where the internal metal parts will expand and contact internally. Very few of these have survived and to find a bell set is almost impossible to find. This one although badly damaged is complete. The owners must have loved it as when it got broken they took the time and trouble to glue it back together. No parts are missing and the colour is totally un faded. This was bought from a local Auction to where it had lived in Bayswater. The auctioneer told me it was taken from a house where nothing had changed over the years and this was still in use up until very recently. You can see this from the worn cordage. As you can see this is a true as found condition telephone. I am offering this for sale before I get it resin restored back to its former glory. I don't think it will be for sale once restored as I will probably keep it for myself.

Broken parts are bell set cover

Cradle cracked n the middle and the tips of both rear forks have been re glued back.

Handset has some stress cracks

Mouth piece has a stress crack.



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