French Ivory Bakelite telephone

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This is a beautiful Ivory Bakelite French telephone


As you can see this is pure French elegance. This model is made by Ericsson and dates around 1940s. It has been totally stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished. I have fitted it with a very best quality hand plaited braided GPO type braided handset cord. I have replaced the microphone with an electronic one and the receiver with a quality GPO receiver to bring the speech quality up to modern standards. The line in is a round GPO specification ivory plastic with a UK telephone plug socket. This model had no internal bell and relied on an external one so I have fitted it a small mechanical internal bell. This is not terribly load but gives a beautiful mechanical bell sound. Ideal for a bedroom or where another telephone may be heard as well. This one has a couple of minor imperfections one being a chip at the line in as shown in one of the pictures and the other being a couple of line on the underside of the handset grip. The colour is even beautiful. This telephone has been fully tested on a special line simulator to make sure the dial is set correctly for speed and pulse. It has then been tested on our own BT land line to make sure it is working perfectly. No dial label i available on this one due to the French dial configuration.

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