121L dates late 1920s

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This is a wonderful 121L in original condition.


As you can see this is a very nice example of a 121L in original condition. I have kept all the wood and metal work in as found condition. I have stripped it down and re assembled after each part has been cleaned and tested. The transmitter is all original including the internals and the ear piece. Note it has it's original undamaged coating, polished and black. The transmitter is a lovely daffodil model and the black finish on all the parts is original to the telephone. The wood work and metal parts do have some signs of it's 85 years of service and so will appeal to people who like to see signs of its age. The internals have been totally re wired using all the original parts other than the GPO No 27 speech coil an electronic microphone. This gives superb speech quality to both the caller and receiver. It has been fully converted with an electronic microphone and the Ren value brought down to the same as a modern telephone. The dial is a GPO model number 10 with an alpha numeric dial face. I can make a dial label with your own exchange and number at no extra charge.