Black GPO 162L 1934

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Wow what a beautiful little telephone


This is a GPO 162L. The handset is dated 1934 and it retains its original GPO No 10 dial with enamel figure dial face. The dial is also dated 1934. I have fitted a genuine GPO braided handset cord off the reel from the 1950s in mint condition. I have fitted a more modern 1950s internals with a number 27 coil to give perfect speech quality and an electronic microphone . I have also changed the ear piece and receiver for a 1940s model to bring the speech quality up to standard. It now has new GPO specification 200 series feet and a new round plastic line in cord with a UK telephone plug. This is a fantastic example in beautiful condition and restored to work perfectly. I can fit a dial label with your information at no extra charge. Ready to plug in and go. I can fit a small internal bell at no extra charge. Just ask in the check out form.