Western Electric 202 telephone

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I believe this is an American 202 model and dates around 1930s

Not a GPO 200 and cannot be fitted with pulse to tone unit

As you can tell I am not an expert in this model but I bought this one a year ago all restored and working. I have tested it and it works perfectly to both dial out and receive. It has no internal bell and so if you need it to ring it will need an external bell. I would recommend one of my BT50E wall bells and simply mount it on the wall or tuck behind the table stand etc. As you can see it is beautiful and has the early more shapely Bakelite handset. The body and cradle are metal and beautifully painted in black as you can see. It has round braided cords for both the input and the handset leads. I do not offer a dial label option with this model and so you will have to have it as shown.

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