Very rare early Trimphone

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This is the STC model given to the GPO to asses before the 712 model was produced. Note this is a real collectors item and a little part of the early history of this model. This is fully working and has not been upgraded with an electronic microphone and so not an every day telephone. Sold

As you can see this is in wonderful condition with only the handset cord being baggy. It has a beautiful colour with no fading and a top collectors example. Note a vent is moulded into the body where the switch hook part goes and it has a nice little STC label where the handset rests. Another small difference is the volume is marked in numbers rather the soft loud and lastly the ear piece has no screw fixing at all. This is a very rare item and a friend of mine that has collected and sold telephones for 30 odd years has never seen one and so that makes two of us. It is fully working to dial out and receive and the ringer works well. I am not selling it as guaranteed working due to having all original parts as I usually change the microphones etc. This is sold as a collectors item. A very nice piece of Telephone history in great condition. It has been tested but will not come with a PSTN plug fitted unless you ask me. Number on the base are 66LAU60GEB and STC3517629 A