Rare collectors School set 1938

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This was made in 1938 for teaching school children how to use the telephone.


This has come from items I put into storage that I bought many years ago when an avid collector. These sets were all numbered and were used in pairs and wired together across the class room to enable one to speak to the other. This one is a great unmolested example with all the parts correct and in great condition. It has no batteries obviously but a modern equivalent could be used. I don’t remember what I paid but it was a good week’s wages. A lovely piece of history. It is not tested but the enamel faced No10 GPO dial is perfect and returns like new. These were often plundered for parts as the transmitter is the rare one used on a GPO No4 candlestick etc. It still has all the notice frames with instructions etc. I have lightly cleaned and brushed out but you may want to brush some wood wax into it. I will leave that up to you as one collector may have different ideas about how they want it preserved. This one is numbered 594 on the rear and inside. I am not sure how many were manufactured but I don’t recall seeing anything over 800 in number. I note they were made by the Post Master General which was the name used in Australia and so wonder if they supplied the UK?


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