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Two tone green 712

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 Note this is a real collectors item and a little part of the early history of this model. This is fully working and has not been upgraded with an electronic microphone and so not an every day telephone.


As you can see this is a wonderful example of a very early Trimphone. I believe these were issued to employees to test to see how they performed before the final model 722 was rolled out. As you can see it is quite different to the production model. From the outside you will not the ear piece is fixed from the back of the handset via a screw. The body is also fixed different via 3 screws to the base rather than the later model one screw from the top. The electronics are also quite different ad much more like a 706 with a reversible plug in part. This telephone is being sold as a collector’s item and so not guaranteed as working. I have connected it up and it all works correctly including the ringer. I have cleaned this up and the colour is wonderful. All original and so a great collector’s item.