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Restored wooden telephone C1910

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Restored wooden telephone C1910

Yes this is fully working to both dial out and receive.


  • Description

Take a look at this magnificent telephone. It dates from the early 1900s and has been restored to this exceptional condition. As you can see it is a real work of art and would be the centre piece of any fine home from this period. When I commissioned the restoration I made it clear that it should be made to work to both dial out and receive perfectly and so it has a GPO No 10 dial and an electronic microphone fitted. Wherever possible original parts have been used but as you can imagine things have moved on a little since 1910 and so some parts have been upgraded using some later GPO electronics.

   This telephone has surpassed my expectations by a mile and it is one of the most beautiful pieces you will see. Just to recap this is a genuine telephone made around 1910 and has been restored and updated to work on a UK telephone line to both dial out and receive perfectly. As you can see a vast amount of skilled time and knowledge has gone into this telephone and once this one is sold it will be a while until I have another ready for sale. As you can imagine 1910 telephones don’t turn up every day to be able to restore.


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