Rare Admiralty telephone

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This was originally used on board a ship


This telephone has been modified for modern use. Original it had a metal cradle that hooked over the top of the handset to prevent it coming off in rough seas. The base would have been bolted to a solid table etc. I have spent many hours modifying this telephone. I have fitted a GPO cradle and T bar and used a GEC base and bell set. The original No27 speech coil was re wired into the original internals. I have fitted a 1950s enamel faced dial, new feet, a very best quality hand plaited braided handset cord and an electronic microphone to produce perfect modern speech quality. The bell coils are now 4000 ohm and so it runs at 1 ren the same as a modern telephone. This telephone has been set up on a special line simulator and then on our own BT land line to make sure it is working perfectly. The Bakelite parts are beautiful and as you can see looks rather special. I spent so many enjoyable hours restoring this telephone and wondered how many exotic places around the world it has been. Its one of those telephones that gets me thinking and is one of the reasons I do this job. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge.