Beautiful wooden wall phone

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Beautiful wooden wall phone

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This is a model exclusive to this site and the shops I supply. I have bought a quantity of very good quality Bakelite wall telephones dating from the early 1930s through to the 1950s. The original cases are damaged and I have re-cased them into bell sets from the early 1920s. These beautifully manufactured boxes were usually made from solid mahogany or other quality hard woods. They are tongue and groove and made to standards and quality using expensive materials that would not be possible at anything like the price we are selling these telephones for today. I send them away to be professionally restored to my standards as you can see. I then fit the original internals to the box and fit an original No 10 or No 12 GPO dial. An original 1940s – 1950s Bakelite handset is then fitted and modified to allow it to hang from the switch hook and the hook to the base of the telephone. I fit an electronic microphone and fully test the telephone to make sure it will dial out and receive perfectly.

        I have a limited quantity of these telephones and as I am sure you will understand it takes a long time to restore these to my standards.

     Each telephone is individually restored using genuine old items and so will differ slightly in some respects from the next. Rest assured I will make sure each is to a very high standard and will be covered by my lifetime of ownership guarantee.  I can make a dial label with your information at no extra cost.

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