Black GPO No26 Bell Set

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New case with Original 1950s chassis

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This is a genuine 1950s GPO No 26 Chassis, Bells, 1000 Ohm Bell coils and hammer mechanism. The case and line in is a near perfect copy and could only be distinguished from the genuine item by an expert in the field. It has been fully restored and wired up to work perfectly. It has been fitted with a resistor to bring the Ohms to 4000 and thus making the ren value 1 the same as a modern telephone. It has been fitted with a GPO specification round plastic 3 meter length line in cord with a UK telephone socket. This will simply plug in and go in any telephone socket. This can be plugged into any socket in the house and will work perfectly with your telephone. This would allow you to have your Bakelite 200 series in say the bedroom and the bell in the hall if you so wish. Of course you could have them side by side in a double socket also. This bell set has been fully restored to work perfectly to simply plug in and go.
   This would be great if you just want to have the beautiful sound of the past but prefer to use a modern telephone.