Rare and unusual ships telephone.

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This is a very unusual and will stand out from the crowd. Never had one before and so when its gone its gone.


This unusual ships telephone is fully working to receive and dial out.

Take a look at this wonderful telephone. Very industrial and in fashion. The handset is pushed and clipped into place for use at sea in rough weather. I was able to get this fully working to both dial out and receive. I would recommend a BT, Virgin Media or Sky provider to be sure it will dial out. The dial has been stripped down and re-built for perfect use. I have kept the original cords, receiver and microphone. The handset has some marks from use and so not perfect. This is a fabulous statement telephone and very steam-punk in in looks. It has a proper GPO bell coil and clapper but no bells and so gives more of a metallic buzzer sound. I will ad an audio file later.

Rare ships telephone TMC

This is dated 1966

A very unusual statement telephone. Fully working.