Red GPO 1/232 on a genuine GPO No26 bell set.

A collectors dream
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Red GPO 1/232 on a genuine GPO No26 bell set.

A very rare and beautiful genuine GPO 1/232 with drawer on a genuine GPO No26 bell set.


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One of the best you will find.

This is a wonderful example of a genuine GPO red 1/232 on bell set as you will find.

This one was bought quite a few years ago and have just got round to restoring it back to it former glory. It has been totally stripped down and re built after each part has been thoroughly cleaned and polished. The GPO No12 dial has been stripped down and serviced. It has a beautiful alpha numeric enamel face and a genuine GPO dial label. It has been fitted with an electronic microphone, a very best quality hand plaited braided cord and a GPO specification round plastic colour matched line in cord with a UK telephone plug. when in service this telephone was with this bell set but not mounted to it. The colour on both the telephone and bell set is perfect but the bell set is slightly different shade. This is not due to fading but the GPO would have made bell sets in different factories and so the material would have been made up from a different batch. This one is a s good as you will find. The handset is marked 1955 and the base 1956 which is perfectly normal.