Boxed Vega 1970s portable TV.

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Boxed Vega 1970s portable TV.

This is a beautiful perfect condition boxed 1970s TV.


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A very stylish genuine 1970s portable TV.

OK I know its not a telephone but I could not resist this beautiful little TV. This would make a fantastic prop or could be fitted with a modern flat screen and used as a very funky modern portable or even a vintage gaming TV. It is in wonderful condition and would look great as a non working prop. It was made in Russia and cannot believe how beautifully designed it is. I don't think these can be used even if working in its current format and is sold as strictly not working. Whatever you decide to do with it I am sure it will be a great addition in a vintage setting. I believe this model is 1970s. Here is a link to one in a museum.