Belgium polished copper finish kettle telephone.

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Belgium copper polished telephone. Tone dialling and so will work on any telephone system including Voip.


Converted to tone dialling and so will work on any network.
These are a very popular model and were imported from Belgium and date from the late 1950s. Known as the kettle due to the brass carry handle. They have a beautiful ring tone and a brass carry handle. As you can see it has been polished and looks great although some of the plating has gone through on polishing and still has a few knocks etc. It has been totally stripped down and re-built. The handset has been polished. It is fitted with a best quality all British manufactured hand plaited brown braided handset cord, an electronic microphone and a quality D shaped black plastic line in cord with a UK telephone plug socket. The best thing is it is fitted with a pulse to tone unit to allow it to work on any network including Voip. There is no option for a bespoke dial label on this one.