GPO No150 fitted with a pulse to tone unit and gold decal.

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GPO No150 fitted with a pulse to tone unit and gold decal.

This is wired up with a pulse to tone unit and will not require a bell box to power it. SOLD

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This GPO No150 is wired up as a stand alone item.

This is a genuine GPO No.150 dated 1930. It has been totally stripped down to component parts. The metal perch, transmitter holder and bell receiver forks have been stripped and polished back to brass and lacquered. The bell receiver has it's original coating and and has been polished leaving a wonderful aged patina. It also has an original Bakelite earpiece, with cut out for the sound to escape, if left on a table by accident. This allows the exchange sounder to be heard. The steel metal body has been stripped, re painted and fitted with a beautiful gold GPO decal. I have fitted a very best quality, all British manufactured,two way braided ear piece cord. It is fitted with an all metal genuine GPO No.12 dial with a stainless steel finger wheel. This has been stripped down and rebuilt, then set up to run at the correct speed and all the contacts adjusted correctly. The best thing about this candlestick telephone is it's fitting of a pulse to tone unit to allow perfect speech quality and receive without the need for a GPO No1 bell box. This also allows it to be used on any telephone system including Voip and the use of * and #. You can can use another telephone on the line to get the ringer sound or buy a GPO wooden No.1A extension box and simply plug that into any socket in the house. It won't need to be wired together. This does not come with a ringer box and so if you need one simply add one to the basket.

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