Rare GPO No4 Candlestick.

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This was found in my stock and have owned it for around 20 years.


A very rare as found condition complete with no messing.

This is a very hard telephone to find in as found condition. When I was collecting I found this one and never got around to restoring it. All I know is that I have been dealing and collecting for over 25 years years and these rarely turn up. This one is all correct with the very rare bell receiver with the screw cap for the terminals. It will obviously need a full restoration unless like me you like some phones to be left just as they are found. All the numbers are correct on the stem and marked No4 on one side and TE 26 235 on the other. It has a good label inside with GPO No4 diagram. The head is a GPO  No2 and marked TE31 236. The Bakelite mouth horn is perfect and the Bell receiver is scratched and weathered but has no damage along with the original earpiece. This is what you might call a barnfind and so in my opinion a very nice item to have to either leave as is or restore to perfection as it is all here. This is being sold as a collectors item and not working.