Green GPO 162 with Bakelite dial. Dated 1935

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This is one of the hardest of the Bakelite telephones to find.


Green GPO 162 with Bakelite dial.
This very rare telephone to find. As you can see it look wonderful. It has a genuine GPO green braided handset cord superb condition. The handset is dated 1935 and the base 1934. This is being sold as a collectors telephone and so not wired up to work and retaining the microphone dated 1935 and the original 1P receiver. This telephone looks wonderful as you can see. It has had a great deal of time and money spent on it to bring it to this condition. It has been resin repaired to the body and base. The cradle dial finger wheel and T bar are perfect reproductions made at huge expense and now no longer able to be moulded. This is a display item and would be great in a museum or cabinet. No paint has been used and so can be polished to your harts content.    

Wow what a lovely telephone.

Take a look at this little beauty.