Green Ericsson T65 1976

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Green Ericsson T65 1976

Very nice unusual telephone


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Very funky green 1970s Ericsson telephone.

This is a lovely telephone and in a very vivid funky colour. I grab anything unusual and cool and this falls into this category. Dated 1976 and marked model T65 Ericsson. It have been fully converted for use on a UK telephone line and has been fitted with an electronic microphone for perfect speech quality. Has a beautiful mechanical bell inside and will dial out and receive perfectly. This will need to be used on a BT, Virgin Media, Sky line and many other that still support pulse dialling. Not recommended for TalkTalk although it will receive calls perfectly on non pulse dialling active lines. The dial label is not one that can be modified and is supplied as pictured. the handset is very slightly lighter but as you can see looks fabulous. A real head turner. This is a one off item and am unlikely to get another any time soon and so please don't hesitate if you like it.