American AT&T wall telephone in Sunny Yellow.

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American AT&T wall telephone in Sunny Yellow.

Very rare to find this colour.

A pulse to tone unit can be fitted at an extra £40.


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  • Description
Factory refurbished in 1990 and unused since
This is a beautiful American wall telephone. It has an adjustible double gong mechanical bell. I have fitted an electronic microphone and a quality black line in cord with a UK telephone plug socket. This came with no cables and so I have fitted a GPO double length handset cord in mustard colour. It has been fully tested and working perfectly on our UK landline. No dial lable info is available as it will be supplied with the american one as in the picture. These coloured versions of this model are hard to find and so always grab them when I can. This one is in superb factory rerubished condition. The bottom is marked No 554 which I assume is the 500 series wall version model number.