Red GPO 1/232 with drawer 1956

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Red GPO 1/232 with drawer 1956

This is a beautiful telephone

Sold Paul


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This is a very rare example of a GPO red 1/232 with drawer. It has been stripped down cleaned and polished before being e built. It is totally original and I have fitted a very best quality hand plaited all British manufactured handset cord, an electronic microphone and a GPO specification round plastic line in cord with a UK telephone plug. The colour is as new with no fading at all and as you can see the metal painted base is all original and in superb condition. The body has a hairline crack running down the right side which I cannot photograph because it can only be seen if at the right angle and light conditions. I didn't find it until the final polish. I have stabilised it and so wont be a problem. The left corner had a chip which has been remodelled and polished out completely but if you looked very closely may notice the form has changed very slightly but to be honest looks perfect unless I told how to look for it. The base and the handset are all marked 1956 and this telephone came on a perfect bell set which will be sold separately with price on application only. This telephone is fully working to plug in and go and can be fitted with a small bell if required at no extra charge. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge.

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