Due to heavy fading and a few light chips.

Red GPO 312L with drawer 1956

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A great rare telephone to use as your everyday telephone.

A pulse to tone unit can be fitted at £40 click box on check out  


If you are a collector this one would be great to use.

This one has been totally stripped down and re-built after each part has been cleaned and polished. This telephone has been stripped down and re build after each part has been cleaned and polished. It has considerable fading and a few small chips but still looks great and in good condition. It has a GPO No 12 alpha numeric dial face. It has a genuine red braided handset cord which is longer than standard as was converted from a line in cord, an electronic microphone and a red round plastic GPO specification line in cord with a UK telephone plug socket. It has been fully converted and set up on a special line simulator and then tested on our own BT land line. The handset is dated 1955 on the handset and 1953 on the base. It is marked as a 312F and I have upgraded to an L with the letter dial face.  I can make a dial label with your own exchange and number at no extra charge.

This would make a fabulouse fully working telephone to use without spending £900 plus for a perfect one.