Gfeller Trub telephone made from solid Rosewood.

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An iconic design from 1972 and very sought after.

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Gfeller Trub telephone made from solid Rosewood

These are very rare and were an iconic design. I believe these will be a great investment for the future and a piece of 1970s history. Made from solid rosewood. This one is wonderful condition and one of three I have bought from the same person. They are very sought after by collectors and designers and I will probably keep one myself. I remember seeing them for sale in Bluewater in a shop now long gone. Just couldn't afford one at the time. This one is fully working which is rare to find now. The ribbon cable to the dial fails on most of them. I cannot give a lifetime guarantee on this model as I have no spares to repair. You must return within 14 days of purchase if not happy for a full refund. This is a link to a Museum for more information. Note it is pulse dialling and so make sure your telephone network can still read dial telephones. Please come back after clicking.