Very rare Elephant grey 700 series model with flashing light.

Last one.
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A rare telephone wired to work and with a flashing light powered by the ringing current.

Last one of these rare un-issued telephones. NOW SOLD OUT

Wired to work with a flashing light powered by the ringing current.
This is a rare find. I got my hands on a small batch of boxed and un issued telephones. They are very complex internally and I have stripped out all the items that were powered by an external power supply and so now this will work as a normal telephone and will dial out and receive as normal but with a flashing light in conjunction with the bell ringer. The telephone is in as near perfect as it was when manufactured. I have fitted an electronic microphone for perfect modern use. This one cannot be converted to pulse to tone use and so you must make sure your supplier can read pulse dialling. If on TalkTalk it will not dial out but will still ring in and can be used as answer only. BT and 99% of all others will work perfectly. I can fit a dial label with your information otherwise I will leave the original that it came with.

Here is a video of it working.

A very rare telephone and these were never in service and I only have a very limited number.