Sought after GPO 735L coin box telephone.

    Delivery time:5-7 Days
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Restored 735L coin box telephone. Pick option of working or not on checkout.


These were used in hospitals on trolleys and patients could use the telephone from their bed. They are now generally used in home red telephone boxes and are very sought after. This one has been re painted cleaned and polished. As you can see it looks stunning. It has the coin mechanism inside with the 5p blocked but not the bell unit. It can be bought in this restored condition but not working. If you want it wired up I can make it so you can dial out and receive and will fit a bell inside. It will dial out using tone dialling and so can be used on any network including VoIP systems. This has no keys but I can supply locked and if you need to get into it you can remove the lock stop from underneath or I can supply it unlocked. Externally it is genuine and original but internally will have some parts replaced but can be made to work without coins and will ring when called.