Bush DAC 90 A Bluetooth radio.

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Bush DAC 90 A Bluetooth radio.

This a new project for us and so still a learning curve.


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Genuine 1950s DAC 90 A Bakelite radio with bluetooth and led fitted.

The main problem I have found in getting this project up and running is finding radios with perfect cases and buttons. The two I restored sold without advertising. I promised a good customer one when up and running. I sold my own one, I was using as my workshop prototype radio, to a customer picking up a telephone. I have a list of people that wanted first refusal and so will be offering this one to them first. It was a long time ago and so they may not be interested now so please contact me if you want to be contacted as and when they become available.

             I strip them down and thoroughly clean inside and out. The radio tuning fascia is not perfect on any radio I have had so far. I clean them and seal them to prevent any further damage. I will photograph this to show they are still in very good condition. The speaker is removed and a new two speaker holding plate is made and fitted in its place. I make sure the tuning button still controls the needle and is back lit with an led light. The original bulb holders are removed. This is no longer used but just for aesthetics. The left button turns it on and operates the light to the fascia and turns the unit on. Once it has been paired to your device it should auto pair when in range. This makes a great piece of usable furniture for your period home. The sound is good but should not to be bought for fabulous stereo sound but more for a way of playing say Radio Two or catch up radio around the house. This no longer works through the original internals and now runs on 5 volts and so is safe from electrocution.

Bush radio with bluetooth and LED fitted.

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