Two tone green GPO 706L 1959 Diakon

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Two tone green GPO 706L 1959 Diakon

A lovely example

A pulse to tone unit can be fitted at £40 click box on check out.

 Collectors telephone SOLD

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A rare collectors GPO 706 1959.
A beautiful example of a two tone green Diakon GPO 706 dated 1959. This is a very rare find. The first year of manufacture of this model and you will see a few things that were changed quite soon into the run. Note the GPO No12 metal dial with stainless steel finger wheel. The feet are also quite different along with the thicker handset cord. This one is a collectors item and I have left it as I received it and so not polished and retains all its original parts such as the microphone, receiver and even the dial label. If you want to use it as an everyday telephone tell me in the checkout system to polish and change the microphone etc. Diakon is quite brittle and so very few of these are not cracked or faded. Not sure why the dial face is figure but have left as is in case this is what was done on the early ones. The line in has been changed to a modern colour coded  one by a last seller. Either way it will be sent as a working either original or modernised as you request.