Green GPO 162 on No25 bell set 1937

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Green GPO 162 on No25 bell set 1937

One of the Holy Grail of collectors telephones.


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Very rare and sought after green GPO 162 on a GPO No25 bell.

This is one I bought as a collector over 20 years ago. I still have it on show in un-restored condition and am placing it on the site whilst still enjoying owning it. This is in very good condition with no repairs. These early Urea Formaldehyde models are never perfect and nearly always have some stress cracks formed over years of expansion and contraction of the Bakelite and the internal metal parts. This one as you can see is as good as you will find. It has some stress cracks as shown and some slight bluing to the bell set. The colour is otherwise fantastic. No repairs or paint just a good honest unmolested telephone from the 1930s. Sold as a non working collectors item. This would be best for inspection and collection. I am happy to post out but if being returned would be at your risk as if damaged in any way would mean you have to keep it. Contact me if you want it working etc as this could be done to your instructions for a small fee.